Turok development cycle closes, level design revealed

Turok development cycle closes, level design revealed - Image 1Josh Bridge, lead level designer from Propaganda Games, put out the word that Turok‘s development phase is closing, and that the epic, prehistoric first-person shooter was getting polished for its big debut early next year.

Amidst all the amazing artwork and detailed diagrams depicting unified modeling language (UML), Bridge also clued that developers were patching up the game with their own additions. These include some ideas that couldn’t go in to the game earlier on in development. More in store at the full article.

Turok development cycle closes, level design revealed - Image 1A recent entry in a blog for Disney Interactive’s Turok has highlighted that the game of Jurassic proportions has entered the final closing stages of level development and eases out to a period of refinement and content completion. Turok (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Windows PC) will sit on shelves by February 2008.

Josh Bridge, the lead level designer for Turok at Propaganda Games, blogged about how many original ideas didn’t make it to the final build. “No matter how good each is on its own, can make for a crappy play experience. We made some tough decisions early on and I think that in the end, they made sense,” he added.

The blog detailed the level design progress, from vivid artwork used as inspiration to map layout design and script flow. Bridge recounted a time when everyone agreed at a certain feature, saying that it was “ok” but didn’t pass off as “ok” in the end.

“It is always interesting to compare your original designs to the completed level. In the end, what happens in the game is what really counts,” added Bridge. He noted that they’ve reworked  the game’s mechanics and this “closing time” period gives the developers an opportunity to add their own tricks and final additions to the final version.

How will the game turn out? We’ll find out when Turok ships to your PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 next year.

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