Two nights after the rest, the next macOS Sequoia designer beta is available.

MacOS Sequoia includes iPhone Mirroring, a new feature.
Apple’s third developer beta for macOS Sequoia arrived later than the other fall OS betas. Apple’s beta testing releases are usually released simultaneously, but there can be stragglers. In this case, macOS Sequoia is the third developer beta after the release of iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and watchOS 11. It also follows the third developer Betas of tvOS 18 and visionOS 2 released on July 8. The third macOS 15 Sequoia Beta is build number 24-A5289g. It replaces the second build 24A5279h. MacOS Sequoia includes new features such as Apple Intelligence (which is inbound), easier window tiling and text effects in iMessage. Other changes include changes to Photos, Freeform Scenes, Game Porting Toolkit 2 and iPhone mirroring. APple also released a beta version of the Game Porting Toolkit 2 for game developers to test. This release coincides with the update of macOS Sequoia. AppleInsider, along with Apple, strongly recommend that users do not install test operating systems or beta or RC versions of software on primary or “mission-critical devices” as there is a small risk of data loss. Instead, testers should use secondary or non essential hardware and make sure they have enough backups of critical data. You can find any changes in these new builds. Contact us via Twitter @AppleInsider, @Andrew_OSU or by emailing Andrew at [emailprotected].


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