Ubisoft responds to criticisms from Wii gamers

Ubisoft - Image 1After the angry backlash that Ubisoft got from Wii gamers following the company’s announcement of its new Wii lineup during Ubidays, Ubisoft UK forum manager Raide has posted a reply on the company’s official forums to explain Ubisoft’s side. Read all about it in the full article.

Wii - Image 1Game developer and publisher Ubisoft was met with a lot of criticism after the announcement of their games lineup for the Nintendo Wii during the recent Ubidays event.

Wii owners mostly reacted negatively to the glut of upcoming casual-themed games from Ubisoft. Members on the official Ubisoft forum harshly criticized the company for the lack of quality control and accusing Ubisoft of breaking its own promise of “significantly better” Wii projects.

In response to the criticism, Raide, the manager of the company’s official UK forums, posited that family oriented games – in other words, titles labeled as “casual” – comprise the majority of the more successful Wii games compared to AAA titles:

Trends are changing and not everyone wants a new action game, FPS game or epic RPG, sales of the Wii proves that the majority want something different.

Parents who are buying a console for their children do not really care about Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six or Far Cry on the box, they want games that are going to be good for their children and not get them in the local newspaper. Why else would games like Brain Training/Wii Fit/Mario Party sell in the millions if people wanted hardcore games?

Raide also responded to the criticisms leveled against the Wii version of Shaun White Snowboarding, saying that “to damn a game just because of looks, and without actually playing it is just silly”.

You can read Raide’s complete post by clicking on the source link below.

Via Ubisoft forums

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