UEFA Euro 2008: Subtle features of the game discussed

UEFA 2008: Subtle features of the game - Image 1We got a hefty update for all of you Euro 2008 fans out there. With all the big and flashy features in the game, some of you might not be able to notice its subtle features. Well, that’s certainly the focus of today’s update on the game. Find out more on this in the full article.

UEFA Euro 2008: Subtle features of the game - Image 1If you guys want to know more about the things that can be found in Electronic Arts‘ upcoming soccer game UEFA Euro 2008 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, PC), then you definitely came to the right place.

We got information on the subtle features found in the game. One of the most interesting things in the game is the addition of Negative Tactics, wherein it balances the advantages between top teams and weak teams.

It surely will introduce something new to the gameplay. There’s also the creation of star players in matches. The game will be recording stats according to every match played. The system ranks players through a gold, silver, and bronze star system.

There’s a possibility that you might be on top now, but if you play poorly, you might just end up being one of the worst out there. Furthermore, details on the face are now noticeable in the create your own player mode under Captain Your Country.

Facial snapshot that are taken will show up in the menu screens during the game mode. Now it’s something that adds more visual depth to the game. As for the whistling, when players play away games a certain type of whistling occurs.

When the away team has the ball, this kind of whistling will make you feel uncomfortable, enough to make you think that they don’t like you. If you do manage to prove your worth, the away crowd will stop intimidating you.

How’s this for reality? It’s really something that can affect the way you play. Aside from these, there are a few more subtle features in the game. These are the Closing Comment, Commentary Names, and Score Updates.

You can check them out via the source link down below. Don’t forget to come back to QJ.NET for more updates on this game.

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