UK iPhone games devs: Apple is a better format-holder than Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft

iPhone - Image 1The iPhone takes the center stage today at the Casual Games Forum as UK iPhone developers are all praises for Apple as a new format holder. They even went as far as saying that Apple beats Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

At the Casual Games Forum taking place in London today, UK iPhone Developers are singing praises for the iPhone for its remarkable work as a newly-established platform holder. They even went so far as to say that the firm often beats the well-known console vendors in terms of dealing with studios. Top brass from different companies agree.

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Here are some choice quotes from the attendees of the forum:

James Brooksby, head of Kuju’s Doublesix studio:

  • Support has been excellent – more than you might expect from other companies that work in the games sector. Everything they tell us is useful.

Mark Ettle, Cobra Mobile CEO

  • Apple has been fantastic to work with.
  • We have worked with other manufacturers that won’t tell you anything. We’ve found that they don’t just like games but also toys and entertainment software – especially as a means to differentiate the product from others. The message I get is that they are quite happy to push for the little small developer as long as the little small developer is pushing out the quality games.

Paul Farley, Tag Games MD

  • Apple came to us rather than the other way around – that’s a great position to be in. A lot of the decisions are made in the US, especially over hardware, but generally from a technical viewpoint, and in terms of supporting the development community in the UK, their work has been great.

John Chasey, mobile games industry veteran

  • They are fragmented in terms of the editorial control for the AppStore from region to region – so you might find you don’t get promoted as heavily in one region as you do in others. but overall they have been excellent to work with.

John Cook, Bad Management

  • If you work in the console space you are used to a lot more control in almost every area. It’s an amazing service, especially for things like the speed in which they turn around the release of content patches.

It looks like Apple’s eagerness is paying off, and the iPhone keeps on getting praises. John Cook added, “They aren’t trying to control the content or platform in any way, and they think their choice is good. That’s a different view from every other format holder – and it’s very healthy.”

As far as the developer-platform relations go, Apple is doing a two thumbs up job.

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