UK Prime Minister worried about video game content

UK Prime Minister worried about video games - Image 1Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK, has responded to the rising trend of knife-stab victims in the nation, placing plans to have teens and adults carrying knives in the streets prosecuted once discovered. And it appears that law enforcement will be hiking up their alert status, and knife-wielding “thugs” in the nation’s stabbing hotspots  will no longer be let off with warnings. Brown has also expressed some concern about knife-wielding game characters.

UK Prime Minister worried about video games - Image 1Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown, expressed concern over the content of video games, especially those with knife-wielding characters. As part of the Prime Minister’s Violent Crime Action Plan, Brown looks to lay down a total ban on knife use – a view shared by other parties – and may be hoping that the game industry will also do its part. He said:

I am very worried about video and computer games. … No one wants censorship or an interfering State. … But the industry has some responsibility to society and needs to exercise that.

He stated earlier that authorities must send out the message and reinforce it with action. There was no mention of similar action to be taken against other portions of the entertainment industry, but there’s a possibility that some will crop up soon.

The Prime Minister has yet to lay out his full plans for the zero-blade tolerance plan, which will be revealed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith sometime in early February. Developments as they come in.

Via The Sun

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