Ultraforce releases customized Spellborn PC for The Chronicles of Spellborn

Ultraforce Spellborn special edition PC - Image 1For the "l33t" gamer, sometimes having a wicked PC setup is more important than the games you want to play on it. Ultraforce tries to appease The Chronicles of Spellborn fans by releasing a special edition customized PC in commemoration of the upcoming fantasy MMO title. You can take a look at the specs of the special edition PC in our full article after the jump.

Ultraforce Spellborn special edition PC - Image 1

What better way to play an upcoming fantasy MMO title than running it on a custom designed, high end PC? Computer manufacturer Ultraforce has recently announced that orders for its Ultraforce Spellborn Special Edition PC can now be made on its website to commemorate the launch of The Chronicles of Spellborn from Spellborn NV.

This souped up machine definitely has what it takes to make sure you get the most out of your MMO experience with the game. Equipped with customized parts, it comes with an overclocked Intel Core 2 Duo E 8400 CPU, two EVGA GeForce 9600 GT graphic cards running on SLI mode, each with 512 MB RAM, and 2 GB DDR-1000 RAM.

Customers who buy this PC will get a five year warranty for every component, including the overclocked parts. Those who avail of this package will also receive a special gift coupon which can be used upon the release of The Chronicles of Spellborn. This "l33t" setup will set you back by €1,199 (US$ 1,879.77) - a hefty price for those who want a pimped-out PC to go with their game.

For further technical details on the Spellborn PC, you can visit the Ultraforce website, whose link can be found on the source page we've provided below.

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