Umihara Kawase gets playable flash demo

Umihara Kawasa PSP Marvelous Interactive - Image 1Spending some idle time doing nothing but twiddle your thumbs? Don’t fret, since Marvelous Interactive has something in store for you: an Umihara Kawase flash demo. Want to check it out? Hit the full article for more details.

Umihara Kawase Portable PSP Marvelous Entertainment - Image 1Those who have yet to experience the quirky fun that is Umihara Kawase for the Sony PlayStation Portable can finally get a taste in a nicely-done flash demo of the game provided by Marvelous Interactive. Even if the demo is in Japanese, you’re pretty much clued in on what to do in the game.

As you traverse the stage, Japanese text balloons will pop up, with the word ENTER included in the text. ENTER means the keyboard’s Enter key, of course, so you just have to make do with a trial and error process in what how to make perfectly-timed Enter key presses.

So if you’re hard-pressed to know what Umihara Kawase is all about, this flash demo is just what you need to know about the basics of the game. Of course, its better to play through it yourself. Hop over to the Via link to check out the game firsthand!

Click the Via link below to try out the demo!

Via Umihara Kawase Official SIte

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