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A cropped screenshot of the PSP homebrew Universal Theme Flasher - Image 1There’s a first time for everything. For Super Sheep, this is the first time that the homebrew developer has released a theme flasher for the Sony PSP – the Universal Theme Flasher. Find out what it actually does after the jump.

Download: Universal Theme Flasher
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These days, it seems that convenience and user-friendliness are “in” things, even for the Sony PSP. Speaking of which homebrew developers Super Sheep and Davee have come up with an application entitled the Universal Theme Flasher (UTF).

It’s purpose is simple: to make switching between PSP themes as hassle-free for the user as possible. Basically, UTF uses configuration files to flash themes and to give details about the theme (for example, name, author, firmware etc.). It also utilizes security checks and a hardcoded list of all the files.

Screenshots of the Universal Theme Flasher homebrew program in action - Image 1 Screenshots of the Universal Theme Flasher homebrew program in action - Image 2 Screenshots of the Universal Theme Flasher homebrew program in action - Image 3 Screenshots of the Universal Theme Flasher homebrew program in action - Image 4

Super Sheep has noted that the themes should be in a zip archive with a configuration file named “theme.conf”. Themes should be put into a folder called THEMES in directory with the Eboot.pbp. (such as PSP/GAME/UTF/THEMES)

To use the application, Super Sheep outlined these simple steps:

  1. When you first boot the application, you will get a menu screen. This is where you choose the theme you are going to flash.
  2. Press X.
  3. It will say something about extracting a configuration file. It will be quick then you will get another menu.
  4. At this point, Super Sheep recommends that you backup your current theme first so you can have something to revert to.
  5. If you have or just dont want to then click Install theme. It will do the rest for you.

Super Sheep has included a sample theme.conf so theme-makers can easily make their themes usable by UTF. The developer has also mentioned that the Universal Theme Flasher has not been tested on the Sony PSP Slim, though it should theoretically work just the same.

The supported firmwares are 3.90, 3.80, 3.71 and 3.52. As with all applications of this type, kindly consult the readme file and exercise caution when downloading and installing the program on your Sony PSP.

Download: Universal Theme Flasher
Download: SchiDeLoaDeR XMB for UTF 3.90
Download: ClearXMB Black for UTF 3.90
Visit: QJ PSP Development forum

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