Upcoming GGL Warhawk tournament details, 1.4 details coming soon

Warhawk - Image 1If you’ve been spending time honing your Warhawk skills, then this is the perfect opportunity to test yourself. A new Warhawk tourney is coming up with some cool prizes. If competing isn’t your cup of tea, then you should also know that other updates regarding the game were also given out. To find out more, check out the full article.

Warhawk - Image 1So you think you’ve got what it takes to take down every other player on the Warhawk servers? Well, your going to get the chance to prove it and take home some sweet prizes (pictured on the right) to boot at the GGL team tournament which will start from May 27 and run all the way to July 27.

Those who join the tourney will automatically be getting the GGL Ceremonial Knife to replace their current combat blade. If you prove to be worthy (by essentially beating the snot out of every competitor) and win the tourney then you will be getting the Champion’s Blade as well.

These weapons are essentially visual upgrades to the existing weapon. Before you freak out and decide to boycott the tourney, the game director of Warhawk Dylan Jobe explained why this is the case:

Now it should be noted that these are not uber-weapons… they’re just visual upgrades as it isn’t really right, gameplay balance-wise, for the best players to be able to ravage people even more brutally just because they won the tournament!!! Still… a damn cool prize!

Jobe also spoke about the Warhawk 1.4 update in the PlayStation blog announcement, saying that they’ve been working hard on it and that they should have more information regarding this coming soon. In addition, they’re also working on new server setups as well as implementing a few of the changes the community has been requesting for (larger layouts).

It looks like the guys from Incognito Entertainment have a lot of things lined-up for fans of Warhawk! While we sit tight and wait for more information on the update, why don’t you check out more details for the tournament (and maybe sign-up for it) by following our source link below.

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