US VC and WiiWare update: Dr. Mario Online Rx, Metal Slug, more

Dr. Mario Online Rx in Nintendo Wii's WiiWare service - Image 1It’s that time of the week again, Wii gamers! Time for your weekly fix of Virtual Console and WiiWare games. Highlight of the week is the release of Dr. Mario Online Rx, and the classic Metal Slug. Find out in the full article.

Metal Slug for the Nintendo Wii on the Virtual Console service - Image 1New week, new games! Here’s your weekly dose of Virtual Console and WiiWare games, Wii gamers! Four new games are available this week for gamers in the US.

This week on WiiWare is Dr. Mario Online Rx, the latest, and probably the best, incarnation of the puzzle game series yet. A little pricey at 1,000 Wii Points perhaps, but your bound to get countless hours of fun out of it.

Also on WiiWare this week is Family Table Tennis. Worth 500 Wii Points, the game pits your family members together in a friendly match of tennis.

Highlighted game on the Virtual Console this week is the classic game, Metal Slug, worth 900 Wii Points. Well, all games on WiiWare are classic, really, but Metal Slug tickles a sentimental vein in a lot of players. Ah, fond memories of not having enough lives to finish the game…

Finally, we come to our last game for this week: City Connection, worth 500 Wii Points. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a platformer where you have to make your mark (literally) on cities all around the world, with cops right on your tail.

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