V.2PLAY releases details on PSP exclusive Super HIND

V.2PLAY releases details on PSP exclusive Super HIND - Image 1The game Super HIND for the PlayStation Portable was first announced during November of last year. Since then, however, updates about it became scarce and we can’t help but wonder what ever happened to it. Good thing though that publisher V.2PLAY sent us a press wire concerning this. Read more after the jump!

V.2PLAY releases details on PSP exclusive Super HIND - Image 1 

Publisher V.2PLAY, a subsidiary of Virgin Play, sent QJ.NET a press wire regarding its previously announced Sony PSP exclusive video game Super HIND. The title is set for release this May and is being developed by the studio Mountain Sheep.

For those who missed our initial report on this, Super HIND revolves around the story of Warrant Officer Dante Griffin and the deadliest military helicopter known to man. It’s going to be an action-based tactical air combat in terms of gameplay.

To better understand the game Super HIND, V.2PLAY highlighted some of its worth mentioning features:

  • Explore breathtaking high-detail environments: rich geography, foliage, buildings, and atmospheric effects like rain, snow, sunshine, and even lightning.
  • Take on a world of lethal fighting machines: helicopters, tanks, mobile missile platforms, jet aircraft, ballistic missile warships, submarines, and more.
  • Unleash awesome destructive force: high-voltage cannons, super-rapid fire electronic ballistic guns, micro air-fuel bombs, and other high-tech weaponry.

That’s about it for now for this game and don’t forget to keep checking back here at QJ.NET for more updates.

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