Valhalla Knights 2 update: the Akatoki tribe

Valhalla Knights 2 - Image 1If you’ve been waiting for more updates regarding Marvelous Interactive‘s upcoming action RPG for the PlayStation Portable, Valhalla Knights 2, then you’re in luck as the game’s official website has just released new information regarding a brand new tribe. It’s the Akatoki tribe, and from what we can glean from their well-toned muscles, they’re going to be strong. Very strong. Check out the rest of the details in the full article.

Akatoki - Image 1

Here’s an update for Marvelous Interactive‘s upcoming Valhalla Knights 2 for the Sony PlayStation Portable: a new playable tribe has just been revealed, and they look pretty ready to beat the everliving crap out of anyone that stands in their way. It’s the bandages-for-underwear-sporting, hardcore goatee-having, intimidating-in-a-kick-your-teeth-in kind of way Akatoki tribe. And from the looks of things, they could be the close combat specialists of the game, but that’s just us.

We wonder, however, just what sort of gear can the Akatoki equip. Since it looks like they’re predisposed for hand-to-hand combat, there’s just so many things you can equip to someone who already has a deadly weapon or two in easy reach. Also, equipment-collecting was pretty much the biggest high point of the original, so it’d be interesting to see just how the Akatoki tribe will figure into this one. Updates as we get them!

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