Valve release second update for Team Fortress 2 PC

CRY SOME MORE! - Image 1Do you play as the binge-drinking, grenade-lobbing, eyepatch-having Demoman in Valve’s Team Fortress 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)? Then sit up and take notice, as Valve has just released yet another update to the highly-stylized and highly-awesome multiplayer FPS that is Team Fortress 2. The Demoman has been given quite the fix. Check out the entire changelog in the full article.

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Busy fragging other dudes in Valve’s very excellent multiplayer banquet from The Orange Box, Team Fortress 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)? Then heads up: Valve has just released yet another update to the game with a lot of fixes and updates to make sure that gameplay is just a bit more balanced than the previous build. Read on for the full list.

So, what’s changed in Team Fortress 2? Well, see for yourself. We’ve plopped the entire changelog right here:

  • Removed sv_alltalk from the list of convars that affect custom server tags
  • Fixed Demoman grenades not hurting the shooter if fired at point blank range against a target
  • Fixed critical modifier for explosive weapons (rockets, pipe bombs) increasing critical chance more than intended
  • Fixed Sudden Death “seconds have passed” string not including the amount of seconds that have passed
  • Fixed Internet and Custom tabs in the Server Browser not correctly displaying the server information for servers when going back and forth between the two tabs
  • Updated the URL used for the “Click for more info on custom servers” link on the Custom tab
  • Fixed a crash for a sound channel getting created without wavedata
  • Fixed Setup timer not showing the correct percentage in the circular progress bar
  • Fixed being able to enter a “spectate” command in the client console to join team Spectator when mp_allowspectators is set to 0
  • Fixed SourceTV servers not being displayed in the Spectate tab for servers with custom server tags
  • Fixed servers with maxplayers <= 24 that are running SourceTV having the “increased_maxplayers” tag added for their server
  • Added mp_tournament_restart command to be used with Tournament Mode (mp_tournament). This can be used at any time to return to the “Waiting for Teams” state
  • When a tournament match ends it now returns to the “Waiting for Teams” state

Definitely a good and meaty list of fixes. We also like the second item in this list, namely the Demoman grenades not hurting the shooter if fired at point blank range. While Team Fortress 2 certainly doesn’t lend itself to be realistic, a little balancing with those very powerful grenades wouldn’t really hurt, would it?

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