Vampires on a plane: more details to WiiWare title Last Flight revealed

Logo of Nintendo WiiWare - Image 1In our previous coverage of Bloober Team’s Last Flight, we were already introduced to the culinary-chef-turned-vampire-hunter, Larry. In this latest update for the upcoming WiiWare title, we are introduced to even more characters, as well as some of their motivations on why they had the unfortunate luck of getting stuck on a plane with a horde of undead creatures. You can read all about the update in our full article.

Screenshot of Bloob Team's Last Flight WiiWare title - Image 1In our last episode of Vampires on a Plane (more popularly known as the WiiWare title Last Flight), it fell upon Larry the chef to fend off a horde of vampires on his unfortunate flight to Europe. Some new information regarding the game was recently released, explaining the details of its motley cast of in-game characters.

Aside from the culinary vampire hunter (eat your heart out, Buffy!), players will also have the option of playing Anna, a Romanian who is on the same plane back to Europe and is on a mission to destroy her vampire father.

Jan, the obligatory vampire antagonist of the game, is hell bent on infecting the other passengers on the flight and turning them all into vampires. It’s up to Anna and Larry to stop Jan and wrest control of the plane back from the undead creatures.

While the game may have rather straightforward sounding plot, rest assured that Last Flight won’t leave you fighting off vampires in small and cramped spaces. It was mentioned that the plane itself will be huge and will give our impromptu vampire hunters lots of room to take out their prey.

Last Flight is being developed by game development studio Bloober Team and is set to be released during early 2009.

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