Video: first glimpse at Prototype’s gameplay

Prototype's Alex Mercer - Image 1For those who’ve been intrigued by the new sandbox title Radical Entertainment has been developing, here’s a video of Prototype (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) which shows how the game’s current build plays. As its trailer led us to believe, Alex Mercer can indeed jump on helicopters and do more superhuman stunts. Check out the video at the full article to see for yourself.

Radical Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment‘s Prototype (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) holds much promise as an explosive sandbox title that allows players to go as far as jump from one helicopter to another. Sure sounds good on paper, but does it play well? You can check out this video of gameplay footage taken from the game’s early build to decide.

Alex Mercer, the dude who’s been a victim of a biological outbreak, can steal choppers in the air and survive exploding tanks – feats that make Tommy Vercetti look like he’s living in his own little world of nice things. Radical Entertainment’s Chris Ansell talks about what’s happening on screen and how co-op will roll in Prototype‘s hectic action-packed streets, so you don’t want to miss the video embedded below.

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