Video: Ninja Reflex first Belt Test

Ninja Reflex by EA for the Wii - Image 1Ninja-wannabes, heads up! We’ve got a video for you right here on EA’s Ninja Reflex, and you’ll be given a taste of the first Belt Test you’ll have in the game. We’re sure you wanna see what’s in store for you, and we’re guaranteeing to you right now that it’s not gonna be as simple as  breaking in houses, ninja style. Video awaits after the jump.

Being a ninja sure isn’t easy, and your belt ranks sure aren’t gonna be served to you on a silver platter. Of course, you’ve got to earn them! In Electronic Arts‘ up and coming Ninja Reflex, you sure will be put to the test. Lots of them.

If you’re interested in getting a headstart on all the other ninja students, then go ahead and click Play on this video embed for you to see the very first Belt Test that you will encounter in the game. And you might as well be warned that it’s not as breezy as flying through trees in stealth mode ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

There’ll be katana fighting, koi catching with your bare hands, and nunchaku wielding. If you prove to be a formidable student worthy of a promotion, then your Mechanical Bamboo rank will be elevated to the Red Belt. Hooray! And you know that’s just the beginning of the tests.

Go on, prepare yourselves and see the vid. Enjoy it too, while you’re at it.

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