Video: producer Tsubasa Inaba on Siren: Blood Curse

Siren: Blood Curse - Image 1Siren: Blood Curse producer Tsubasa Inaba recently revealed quite a chunk of information about the game in a recent video interview with GameTrailers. Catch the interview at the full article.

In a GameTrailers interview during the Sony Gamer’s Day, Siren: Blood Curse (Siren: New Translation in Japan) producer Tsubasa Inaba revealed a lot of details about the episodic survival-horror game’s gameplay elements.

Players will take control of seven different characters. The story will be told through different perspectives, with some even happening in parallel. Players will have access to around fifty weapons, each with different finishing moves.

Inaba also talked about an interesting feature called SightJack, where players can “steal” the vision of their enemies and even their companions. Aside from helping players navigate the village, SightJack also gives players a chance to avoid enemies outright.

Inaba also said that the game will only be available through PSN “for the time being”. The game’s price point has yet to be determined, but it should be revealed soon. Anyway, enough chitchat. The video interview is below.

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