Virtual Console update: Pokemon Puzzle League and Renegade

Virtual Console logo - Image 1Puzzle and beat-em-up lovers will love this week’s Virtual Console update. So what’s the gaming goodies in store for gamers this Virtual Console Monday? It’s N64‘s Pokemon Puzzle League and Renegade, a classic NES side scroller. If you don’t remember or know what these games are, hit the full article to find out more.

Pokemon Puzzle League Nintendo - Image 1

Heads up, Virtual Console fanatics! Two games will be added for this week’s Virtual Console update: Pokemon Puzzle League from the N64, and Renegade for the good old NES. Yes, we’re going to get a Pokemon-flavored Planet Puzzle League – simply one of the better block puzzle games out there – and a classic beat-em-up. Certainly a good week for VC fans.

For those who aren’t familiar with any of those games, Pokemon Puzzle League is, as we said, Planet Puzzle League dressed with Pokemon themes. The basic goal in the game is to line up three or more blocks of the same color, either horizontally or vertically. The dynamic gameplay accommodates the creation of killer combos, which makes up most of the game’s fun factor.

On the other hand, Renegade is a pre-Double Dragon beat-em-up side scroller by Tecmo. The game scores points for nostalgia only, however, since there’s much to be improved in the game’s controls and graphics. It’s worth a try, however!

Both games will go live on Virtual Console on Monday, 9 AM PST. Pricing information is yet to be announced, but stay tuned for updates.

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