Virus DS Xmas Edition: new graphics, levels, and interface

Fictional covert art for kukulcan's Virus DS Xmas Edition for DS - Image 1If you’ve played the rather risque puzzle game Virus DS by kukulcan, then the homebrew developer has released a special Christmas edition for the game to herald the holidays with its virus-busting fun. The new build features up to 20 new levels as well as new Christmas-themed graphics and interface.

Check out the other details of the game in the full article!

Download: Virus DS Xmas Edition

Screenshot of Virus DS Xmas Edition by kukulcan for DS - Image 1 Screenshot of Virus DS Xmas Edition by kukulcan for DS - Image 2 

While the Nintendo DS has always been dead set on any games bordering on the “Adults Only” level, it doesn’t stop homebrew developers from creating their own risque games for the handheld. In particular, kukulcan has released a special Christmas edition for Virus DS, a puzzle game involving a hospital bed, buxom nurses, and lots of rope.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, it’s a puzzle game which essentially works a bit like an off-shoot of Nintendo’s Dr. Mario game. The goal is to essentially clean each virus particle on the board by injecting them in the right places.

To help you in your quest to vanquish the evil virus hordes, you have your buxom medical assistant armed with her giant syringe. This time round, though she’s dressed up for the Christmas season with new graphics and interfaces from LOBO.

Here’s the complete list of changes for the Christmas edition of Virus DS:

  • New graphics created by LOBO
  • 20 new levels
  • Moving accelerated particles
  • The progress bar on the top screen has been improved by LOBO
  • Headings info, and other credits are slightly different

Download: Virus DS Xmas Edition

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