Voyage Century Online building findings introductory guide

Voyage Century Online building findings introductory guide - Image 1If you want to rule the world of MMORPG Voyage Century Online, you should get to know the land as well as the open seas. There are buildings in the world that can offer you treasures even greater that those you can find on the open seas.

Having said that, it’s good to know that IGG is helping its players by releasing an introductory guide for the Parthenon and the Blue Mosque. The details can be found at the full article via the “read more” link below.

Voyage Century Online building findings introductory guide - Image 1 

Players of the MMORPG Voyage Century Online know well that being land-savvy ,so to speak, is as important as ruling the seas. One aspect of this includes finding important buildings that will give your character rewards.

To further educate players about this aspect of Voyage Century Online, IGG has released an introductory guide detailing two of the many buildings that confer valuable rewards, namely the Parthenon and the Blue Mosque. Here are the details:

Parthenon – Chalice of Parthenon

  • Quest: Valuable Artwork
  • Given by: Aeoliah (Athens)
  • Precondition:
    • Anyone of Voyage, Sea Battle and Eloquence >/= Level 10
    • Completed the quest “Great Footprints: Mystic Girl from Barcelona”
  • Other NPCs: Robert – Festa – Aeoliah
  • Reward:
    • 5000 Eloquence
    • 8000 Silver
    • 200 Reputation
    • Five Amity Degree to The Kingdom of Greece
    • Chalice of Parthenon
    • Title: Expert of Culture Relics Preservation (Sea Battle >/= 20) or A Protector of Culture Relics (Sea Battle < 20)

Blue Mosque – Koran

  • Quest: The Koran in the Blue Mosque
  • Given by: Alkan (Beirut City)
  • Precondition:
    • Completed the quest “The war between politics and religion”
    • After I talked with Alkan he suggested that I go to the Blue Mosque to borrow a Koran from the Imam Maulvi.
    • Maulvi entrusted me to go to Venice to check whether its possible to print the Koran.
    • Massetto promised to print the Koran for me.
    • The Imam Maulvi happily handed the Koran to me after he heard the news. Now we can see whether the typography, Massetto referred to is real or not.
    • Massetto asked me to fetch a sample of the printed Koran in three days.
    • In three days, I fetched the sample of the printed Koran to the Imam Maulvi.
    • Talk to the Imam Maulvi, quest completed.
  • Reward:
    • 10000 Silver
    • 5000 Eloquence
    • 200 Reputation
    • 10 Amity Degree to The Ottoman Empire
    • Koran


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