Warhammer Online beta journal: A Simple Farmer

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Image 1A simple farmer posts a beta journal for EA Mystic’s Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We’re thinking he could be one of those big movers and shakers of the game, so you might as well read on to see how his life saga is, and what drives him to battle it out in this game. You can read more details and an excerpt of his journal over at our full article. Enjoy!

A simple farmer - Warhammer Online - Image 1For this week’s beta journal from EA Mythic‘s Warhammer Online, the spotlight is cast on a simple farmer. We’re thinking this character will be pivotal in the game as he does divulge some interesting details about himself.

He begins by saying that their family have been tending this small parcel of land in the Northlands, and that he had three brothers. Also, he has a wife and two children that remain in their ancestral home. However, he does not know if any of them are still alive.

The unfortunate story is that a barbarian tribe came from the south. While he tried to entice them with goods so they could just be on their way, they had their eyes est on his wife. So the barbarians beat the poor simple farmer and left him for dead. While he lay there, he could only listen to his son and daughter kicking and screaming as the barbarians took them away. And then there was darkness.

It is then in this journal that his quest is formed.

I awoke to grey skies, cold rain falling on fields still glimmering with embers among the ash like stars in the night sky, and crackling charcoal timbers among the stones of a ruined foundation. Fathers forgive me. There ins nothing left for me here. There have been dark tales from the northern borderlands where a new power is rising, terrifying whispers of a Raven God who tortures and twists land and men. In my darkest hour, hope gleams in the distance like the light from a safe harbor. I will find these barbarians, kill all that lie in my path, raze their lands to ash and one day among the ruined I will find my kin and bring them home.

Riveting stuff, eh? Well that’s a sound motive, don’t you think? Rescuing your family and taking action against those that has done them wrong. It sure is exciting to see how the rest of this story unfolds, so keep it posted here on QJ.NET for more updates on this game.

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