Watch: Paz sings, dances in Peace Walker PV

mgspw-thumbIn the mood for something… different? Hit the jump and check out the latest Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker video. It has a singing and dancing girl in it. Actually, that’s all it’s about.


In the mood for something… different? Check out the latest Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker video below. It has a singing girl in it. For the entire length of the video, actually.


Some background first. The girl is Paz, a young Costa Rican peace advocate who helps recruit Naked Snake’s Soldiers Without Borders mercenary group. The song is called “Love Deterrence” and is sung by Paz’s Japanese voice actress, Nana Mizuki.


If you like the song, you can find it on the maxi single CD for Peace Walker‘s own theme song, Heavens Divide. But enough yapping. On to the singing! And dancing!


Thanks to XenderRAy  for the tip!







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