We Ski: Event Gameplay and trailer videos

We Ski - Image 1Want to hit the slopes, but can’t be bothered to pack up the entire family and head off into a winter wonderland somewhere? Then here’s an alternative that should be easier on the budget (as well as on the inconvenience): Namco Bandai‘s We Ski for the Nintendo Wii, and we see how it plays in this gameplay video update. Skiing never looked so simple – and so good. The videos in the full article.

Skiing is an absurdly fun, if not also an absurdly inconvenient activity. But with Namco Bandai‘s We Ski, all you need is your Wiimote, your Nunchuck and your Balance Board to hit the slopes and rip up the snow – and we see this in full action from the videos below. We have to say though, while the graphics pretty much resemble that of the skiing minigame in Wii Fit, it looks like an awful lot of fun.

It may be a while for any gaming family to be able to play together as a group (you’d need not only four Wiimote and Nunchuck sets, but also four Wii Balance boards), but the fact that you can ski together, as a group, is looking more and more awesome. And the slopes look so terribly inviting, it’s hard not to fall in love with the game. We hope that the trick-based system is as good as it gets. Enjoy the videos!

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