WGA nominates Dead Head Fred for Video Game Writing Award

A shrunken head in Dead Head Fred - Image 1There’s always a first time for everything – even a first time for being nominating for a video game writing award. Who has privilege of receiving this prestigious nomination from the Writer’s Guild of America? None other than writers Dave Ellis and Adam Cogan, the men responsible for bringing us the story of D3 Publisher’s and Vicious Cycle’s Dead Head Fred. More about these writers and their remarkable achievement after the jump.

Box art for Dead Head Fred  - Image 1It’s not everyday that video game writers receive nominations from the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) for their hard work, which is why the esteemed pair of David Ellis and Adam Cogan are pioneers, in a manner of speaking. Apparently, their work on D3Publisher of America’s (D3PA) and Vicious Cycle Software‘s Dead Head Fred speaks for them.

And if that weren’t enough, the head honchos at both D3PA and Vicious Cycle Software also congratulated the pair. D3PA vice president of product and development Peter Andrew said:

It was the game’s unique story and resulting gameplay mechanic, distinctive characters and twisted and sarcastic humor that first convinced us that we wanted to bring this title to gamers, and we appreciate the WGA for recognizing it with a nomination for their very first Videogame Writing Awards.

Meanwhile, Vicious Cycle Software president and CEO Eric Peterson echoed Andrew’s sentiments:

Dead Head Fred was a lot of fun for the entire team to work on, and much of that was because of Dave’s and Adam’s creative script. The entire team is dedicated to continue the tradition of developing games that combine great gameplay with storytelling and humor that is on par with the best television and movies out there.

It’s interesting to note that Dead Head Fred has received the nomination in spite of its M rating.  If anything, it’s an indication that a game with mature content such as this one can still be a work of art in the eyes of those who appreciate it.

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