What can we anticipate from Apple’s 2024 fourth quarter profits on August 1?

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple will report its third-quarter 2024 earnings on August 1, 2018. What happened and what you can expect. Apple has confirmed that it will release its quarterly financial results on August 1. The usual investor and analyst conference will follow shortly after, at 5:00 PM Eastern time, and be led by CEO Tim Cook, and CFO Luca Maestri. AppleInsider will report the full financial results and cover topics raised during the conference call. The previous quarter Apple’s financial health can be gauged by comparing the gains and losses from the last quarter to the same quarter the previous year. Apple beat the predictions for that quarter but it was difficult to compare with the year before. In Q3 2023 Apple reported $81.8 Billion in revenue, a 1% drop YoY, and earnings per share of $1.2. Apple’s revenue per product category was down by 2%, with iPhone at $39.67 billion. iPad was down by 20%, to $5.79 Billion, and Mac was off 7%, to $6.84 Billion. Wearables, Accessories, and Home were up 2% at $8.08 billion, and Services grew by 8%, to $21.21 Billion. Apple’s third quarter fiscal of 2024 – events Apple’s Q3 quarter is usually Apple’s quietest, due to the lack of major new product launches. Apple’s major product launches are usually made after the quarter’s end in the fall. This is relevant to the company’s fourth quarter earnings. There’s usually a sales slump as consumers prepare to upgrade their iPhones. Some products will still have an impact on the quarter. It will be the first quarter that the MacBook Air upgrades have been sold. Apple’s rolling Apple Silicon updates brought the 13-inch and 15 inch models up to M3. Apple introduced the new iPad Pro, which has M4, as well as the upgraded iPad Air, with M2 and 13-inch options. The Apple Pencil Pro was also released in May. The launch of the M4 chips opens up a new upgrade opportunity for Mac users. Apple also held its annual developer conference, WWDC, during this period. Apple Intelligence was revealed at the event. This is its machine learning and generative AI initiative. The industry responded very positively to this. Investors may be influenced to buy more Apple stock as a result of the warm reception and the possibility that Apple Intelligence will lead to a major iPhone cycle in the fall. Wall Street is currently predicting that Apple will report $83,86 billion in revenue with a $1.33 earnings per share.


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