Why so serious? Kefka joins party in new Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer

Kefka: Why so serious? - Image 1Kefka finally shows his creepy face! Yep, the evil psycho clown of FF6 was confirmed last month to join the sinister gang in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, but it’s only now that we finally get to see him. Ever wondered how he got those scars? Check out the extended Dissidia trailer in the full article for more footage from the game; battles, CGI, and cast shots (well, sort of)! And we promise… no gruesome scenes of disappearing pencils!

Booyah! Gino D. is a happy camper once again! A new video for Dissidia: Final Fantasy has been released via the official website. It’s one of the trailers they showed at the Square Enix private theater during the DKS3713 event last month.

Though Kefka of FFVI was already confirmed back then, he finally shows his grubby face (with the clown make-up too, of course) somewhere at the 2:00-mark of the video. Man, he still gives me the creeps.

We also see some battles pitting two characters from the same side of the war between Cosmos and Chaos. There’s a battle between Kuja and Garland somewhere at the 3:10-mark. And further on, we see more CGI clips; some recycled from before, some extended with new footage.

What concerns me though is the cast shot of Chaos’ army of villains. Pause it at the 4:37-mark. All of them are finally revealed! But… they’re in silhouette form. Identify those baddies if you will, but all I know is, aside from Kefka, the other remaining confirmed baddies are Golbez (FF4) and Exdeath (FF5), which comepletes the roster of villains.

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