Wii Asteroids: early test release based on the Atari’s Asteroids

Logo of Nintendo Wii console - Image 1If you have a thing for remade classics on the consoles, then homebrew developer Andy Sommerville has just the homebrew game for you. An early test release of the Wii homebrew game entitled Wii Asteroids is now available for download, with additional details regarding its installation found in our full article after the jump.

Download: Wii Asteroids

Nintendo Wii console - Image 1Developer Andy Sommerville wanted to give everyone a sneak peek into the latest Wii homebrew project involving a much remade classic for the console that he’s currently working on, entitled “Wii Asteroids”.

The current build of Wii Asteroids is merely a test release before its actual live version. It features the same gameplay found in the classic Atari video game Asteroids using the Wii’s innovative controls.

For details on how to install this old-school shooter into your Wii, you can read the accompanying documentation included with the homebrew game’s file bundle. It has instructions on how to install it either directly through your console or through a Linux-based system so make sure to read it before copying any of the files into your system.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this latest Wii homebrew download and make sure to drop by QJ.NET for the latest updates in the homebrew scene.

Download: Wii Asteroids

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