Wii brings pain when playing too much

Nintendo Wiimote - Image 1We all know that playing the Wii hurts when done the wrong way, but even cautious play can’t save you when you’re just playing with Nintendo’s popular console too much. More details in the full article.

Wii Remotes - Image 1Indeed, too much of a good thing is still bad for anyone, even if the good thing in question is a Wii. Wii injuries aside, playing with the Wii too much causes physical pain, in the form of aching joints and muscles. Dr. Bret Bruder, an emergency doctor, noticed that Wii injuries pile up fast, and that the wild popularity of the game console didn’t help either.

“The popularity of it, the explosion of this has been unexpected and amazing,” the doctor said. He also explained that people of varied ages are getting too caught up in playing with Nintendo’s console, with some not even pausing to take a break, and end up visiting him with aching arms and shoulders.

As always, its always good to take a break every now and then in lengthy gameplay sessions. We know you don’t want to miss out on anything in a game, but you don’t want to be kept from playing it either because of an injury induced by playing too much.

Via WLWT.com

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