Wii Fit Aerobics video tour

Wii Balance Board - Image 1For those who have yet to see Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board in action, here’s a video tour that should be able to give you the gist of what Nintendo’s fitness-minded offering can do. Find aerobics Ninty-style by heading over to the full article

Without a doubt, Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Wii Balance Board make up the best combo of practical and fun exercises for the Wii. Some “games” in the Aerobics category that really put your body to the test are featured in Josh Thomas’ video tour.

Among 15 aerobic exercises in Wii Fit, Thomas included five in his video. What you’ll find are activities that involve stretching, balance, and strength. Of course, all these are made possible by the fitness-minded bundle’s accurate recognition of how well a person is balancing himself on top of the board, or how much weight is being pressed against the nifty peripheral.

If you want a skinny on the more serious workout activities of Wii Fit, just check out the embed below.

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