Wii Fit launch met with celebrity raves

Wii Fit Nintendo Sarah Harding - Image 1Somehow unpredictably, Nintendo’s UK Wii Fit launch was met with success, with celebrities such as Girls Aloud member vocalist Sarah Harding raving about the Nintendo’s fitness machine. “It’s just like having a personal trainer at home,” she said about Wii Fit. Read more about it in the full article.

Nintendo Wii Fit logo - Image 1Nintendo’s star-studded Wii Fit launch in London, South Bank UK turned out to be a success, with several celebrities including Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding have tried out the much-hyped Wii peripheral. The fitness program – and the singer – was met with rave reviews, after Harding took her turn performing some moves on Wii Fit.

A source said that Harding arrived at launch wearing high heels, but instead of shying away from stepping on the Wii Fit board she chucked her shoes and stepped on the platform to do some yoga poses.

“Sarah seemed pretty supple. She was a dab hand at the yoga warrior and yoga tree poses,” an observer noted.

It looks like the launch has, at least, won a celebrity Wii Fit user in the form of Harding, who said that she will buy one to bring along on tour with her band. “Me and the girls will have no excuse now to keep in shape while we’re on tour,” she said.

Via The Sun

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