Wii Fit priced, dated for Europe

Wii Fit - Image 1Nintendo’s Wii Fit has been selling like hotcakes in Japan. If you’re based in Europe and want to find out first hand what the fuss is about, head on over to the full article where you can find more information about the pricing and launch date of this product in Europe.

Wii Fit - Image 1Can’t wait to find out when Wii Fit will be available in Europe? Well, the game should be out by April 25 this year. Expect it to be available in the UK for £ 69.99 (around US$ 138). The rest of Europe can pick up a copy of the game for € 89.99 (around US$ 133).

This is pretty surprising considering Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned that they were going for a price range below US$ 100 in North America. Could this be a sign that North American consumers will eventually be paying more for this product than they expect?

Regardless, Wii owners everywhere have been going nuts over Nintendo’s Wii Fit. While others would probably dismiss this as yet another gimmick, no one can deny the fact that it has been selling pretty well in Japan. Hey, how can you beat the idea of getting fit while playing video games?

Via EuroGamer

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