Wii Fit to preview at London Science Museum

A silhouette of a person trying out Wii Fit on the Balance Board - Image 1Where would you go if you wanted to test whether Nintendo’s Wii Fit could actually help you lose weight? Well, you may want to try the London Science Museum this coming March 26. The exercise title will be previewed there for anyone who wishes to try it out.

That’s not the only fitness-related activity that will be featured in the museum, though. For an “exercise” in information dissemination, turn to the full article after the jump.

The facade of the London Science Museum - Image 1A museum might be an unusual place to preview a Nintendo Wii title, but that’s precisely what’s going to happen this coming March 26, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. That’s right, visitors to London‘s Science Museum Dana Centre will be treated to a special preview of Wii Fit.

Thing is, Nintendo’s best-selling exercise title isn’t there for mere entertainment – Wii Fit will actually be part of a series of live tests. Human participants will be asked to play both Wii Fit and a sedentary game while scientists measure the participants’ heart rate and oxygen consumption. The data will then be used to calculate how much energy each participant has burnt.

The Dana Centre will host other fitness-related activities as well. Sports scientists, physiologists and game experts will hold talks about whether gaming can promote a healthy lifestyle or not.

For example, epidemiologist Andy Jones will take a look at how technology has contributed to a more sedentary lifestyle. Gaming expert Maria Robertson will tackle the history of healthy gaming and explain why the genre had failed to make a significant impact on people before. Classic NES fitness games and dance mats will also be on hand for people to try out.

In case you’re wondering, all events at the London Science Museum Dana Centre are free. There’s one catch though: it will only be open to visitors over the age of 18.

Nintendo has scheduled Wii Fit for a European launch on April 25.

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