Wii Homebrew Channel released

Wii Homebrew Channel released - Image 1You’ve seen the video demonstration and maybe you’ve even run the beta version before. But now, the time of reckoning is at hand! The Wii Homebrew Channel has now been released. You can now launch Wii homebrew apps easily, right from your SD card! Make sure you read the full article so you guys know how to go about installing this brew.

Download: Wii Homebrew Channel

Wii Homebrew Channel - Image 1

The time of reckoning is at hand! The Wii Homebrew Channel has now been released to the public. Care of Team Twiizers, you can now launch Wii homebrew applications easily, right from your SD card.

You’ve seen the video demonstration of the Wii Homebrew Channel, and maybe you’ve even been able to run the beta version. Now it’s full steam ahead. You’ll still need the Twilight Hack savegame installed though, so better make sure you grab that along the way too (we’ve included the download below).

All detailed instructions on installing the Wii Homebrew Channel are in the readme file included. Make sure you take a careful look into it and understand absolutely everything before you take the plunge into Wiibrew-landia. The readme also has a section on RISKS, CAUTIONS, and SYSTEM UPDATES, so you better take note of it.

If you need any further information, a FAQ is listed in the website via the source link below. Enjoy the download, guys! Let the WiiBrew flow!

Thanks to SpongeFreak52 for the tip!

Download: Wii Homebrew Channel
Download: Twilight Hack v0.1 Alpha 3b


We’ve got a couple video embeds to show you the Wii Homebrew Channel in action! Thanks to BIH and SpongeFreak52 for getting these up! The first video is the one from SpongeFreak52, taking you a tour around the channel. The second one is from BIH: a little how-to install vid.

Wii Homebrew Channel demonstration and tour:

Wii Homebrew Channel how-to installation video:

Via HackMii

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