Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3

Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3 - Image 1 Developer hell_hibou has recently announced the release of Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3. It doesn’t carry Wiimote support just yet, though the dev did saddle it with some much-needed options you just might like. Details are available in the full article.

Download:Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3

Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3 Released - Image 1Developer hell_hibou has recently announced the release of a new build for the Wii Homebrew Launcher, dubbed version 0.3.

Aside from some minor font improvements, this new release will give users more freedom to handle this homebrew’s settings. Here’s a rundown of the changelog (via Google Translate):

  • The graphics have been re-handled by Cladil
  • The light blue Wii turns in access to the SD card
  • Suppresstion the string “Restart SD loader”
  • The font size was reduced to view the names of chains longer
  • Adding to display mode RGB 60Hz (beta)
  • Adding a configuration file to set the display settings manually
  • Ability to customize the interface
  • Création d’un menu accessible par la touche START permettant de : Creating a menu accessible by the START key enabling:
  • Back to the menu Wii
  • Turn off the Wii
  • Restarting the loader

hell_hibou has also announced an update regarding the Wii Homebrew Launcher’s current lack of Wiimote support. According to the developer, this release was actually rushed to fix an existing bug that prevented it from properly running homebrew.

The Wiimote support had to be temporarily left out as a result, though it’s expected to be added to a new build soon. Those interested in reading the tutorial for the Wii Homebrew Launcher will want to visit the dev’s site, via the source link below.

Download: Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.3

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