Wii Opera SDK FPS Engine Beta raycasting dungeon class demo available now

Nintendo Wii - Image 1Waiting to test the Wii Opera SDK raycasting dungeon class beta? It’s now open to the public. We’ve got the changelog and the link to take you where you can access it, so read up on the full post and start tinkering with it. Enjoy!

Wii Opera FPS SDK - Image 1If you’ve been itching to try the Wii Opera SDK raycasting dungeon class, this is your chance to do so. The engine beta is now open to the public and it sports the following features:

  • Axis-aligned grid-based raycasting
  • Texture-mapped walls
  • Second-pass wall effects (flashlight, gouraud, shadow)
  • Variable ray resolution (for speed adjustment)
  • Bounce generated by walking

The beta can be accessed using this link. Go out there and tell us what you think after you take it for a spin.

Via Wii Opera SDK

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