Wii Play to top global lifetime sales, says Divnich

Nintendo Wii console - Image 1simExchange’s Jesse Divnich has something interesting to tell: as it turns out, Nintendo’s Wii Play may turn out to be the Number One game throughout the console’s lifetime. Forget Super Mario Galaxy or even Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Play is going to be THE game. Details in the full article.

Wii Play Nintendo Wii - Image 1Jesse Divnich of simExchange has an interesting prediction: Nintendo’s party game pack for the Wii, Wii Play, will turn out to be the top title in global lifetime sales, topping other great Nintendo Wii titles, even the highly acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy or even the much awaited Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

We’re not sure if we should be surprised or not, but it should be noted that Wii Play, along with Wii Sports, dominated the Media Create Wii software sales numbers.

Divnich also mentioned that the handheld Nintendo DS may set a new record once the December tally is completed. To quote:

Confirmation of this is observed in December 2007 sales as the Nintendo Wii is expected to sell over 1.8 million units and the DS to sell over 2.9 million units. Interesting enough, the DS selling over 2.9 million units would be an industry record for consoles or portables sold in one month.

As for DS games, Nintendo’s chart-topping Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is expected to come out as the highest-selling game in terms of global lifetime sales for the DS platform.

Via GameDaily

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