Wii Web Server alpha v0.9 – now works with HBC beta 9

Wii homebrew - Image 1Homebrew devs Cboomf and Felix123 have released a new version of Wii Web Server. Like a lot of homebrew apps for the Nintendo console, this release was made to work under the latest Homebrew Channel version.

Download: Wii Web Server alpha v0.9

Wii Web Server - Image 1There’s a new version of Cboomf and Felix123‘s Wii Web Server app. For the uninitiated, this app basically lets Wii homebrew users run a web server on their consoles.

This release has been recompiled to run correctly under Homebrew Channel beta 9. the developers also note in the changelog that it “now has a sane download name”.

Those two things are the only changes in this release, but if you’re running the latest version of HBC, this is a must-have.

Download: Wii Web Server alpha v0.9

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