WiiDoom: Doom port for the Wii

WiiDoom - Image 1I’m just wondering why this wasn’t done sooner. Wii homebrew developer lnuxguy has released WiiDoom. As you can guess from the title, it’s a Doom port for the Wii. More details in the full article.

Download: WiiDoom

WiiDoom - Image 1

Doom, the landmark game in the history of first-person shooters, has now been ported to the Wii thanks to the efforts of Wiibrew developer lnuxguy. The port was made using the open source PrBoom engine.

Right now, a bug requires you do disconnect and reconnect the nunchuk once Doom loads, but this “a temporary bug” as described by the author, so we can expect this to be resolved in future versions. Controls aren’t customizable yet so be sure to read the documentation for more information on the program.

Download: WiiDoom

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Via wiibrew.org

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