WiiPaint v1.0 – with source code

WiiPaint v1.0 - Image 1See this image right here? It’s a preview of what you can do with homebrew developer Kontakatilu‘s WiiPaint version 1.0. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s for your Nintendo Wii – more proof that the Wii homebrew scene is really buzzing. Head over the full article for more details about this nifty Wii homebrew.

Download: WiiPaint v1.0

WiiPaint v1.0 - Image 1

The Nintendo Wii homebrew scene has been showing Linux proofs of concept lately. Now, over at the other side of the fence, a Microsoft Paint look-alike homebrew application has just been released. From developer Kontakatilu, WiiPaint version 1.0 lets you use your Nintendo Wii as your own artistic canvas.

Developer Kontakatilu claims that the graphic appearance is not that great yet and there are some bugs but basically you can draw shapes and figures using your Wiimote. The dev included the GRRLIB 2.0 libraries which have been modified for dual functions.

For those who want to see how WiiPaint version 1.0 was created, coder Kontakatilu also included the source code. The dev encourages you to create applications of your own, but you have to know your way as a coder. Also, spend time with WiiPaint’s readme first before doing anything.

Download: WiiPaint v1.0

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