WiiWare: fight vampires on a plane in Last Flight

WiiWare- Last Flight: Vampires on a plane on your Wii - Image 1With over 100 games arriving for WiiWare when in launches in the US, it’s going to be a little hard to choose which ones to purchase. Although LostWinds caught our eye from the start, Last Flight‘s premise got our interests hooked as well. It’s hard not to look forward to fighting vampires on a plane. Details on WiiWare‘s Last Flight in the full article.

WiiWare- Last Flight: Vampires on a plane on your Wii - Image 1Forget Snakes on a Plane. If you’re looking for action on a plane, you might as well go all out. A better premise for a movie would be Vampires on a Plane.

It’s a good premise for a video game as well, apparently, as it’s basically what you do in Last Flight, the new game for WiiWare from Bloober Team.

In Last Flight, you play Larry Adelman, a 38 year old American on a flight to Europe. Larry, a food critic, writes books on world cuisine. He’s described as “short, chubby, and bald,” with a sharp tongue and macabre humor.

That’s all we know about the story so far, aside from it being set in a plane and aside from Larry having to fight vampires in said plane. We do know, however, that the game will have cel-shaded graphics and is in the tradition of old-school point & click games.

In the game, you’ll be using a blessed whip, lashing it around with the Wiimote. By whipping a vampire, you’ll be able to freeze them for a short period of time. To kill a vampire, you’ll need (dun dun duuun) a wooden stake. You can carry only four at a time.

Unfortunately, Last Flight won’t be out until early 2009. Still, we’re willing to wait for this one. If only to get to fight vampires on a plane. Besides, we have LostWinds and a hundred other games when WiiWare comes out to keep us busy until then.

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