WiiWare games cracked?

WiiWare games cracked? - Image 1Someone’s playing liberator again and “freeing” some of the games offered over the recently launched WiiWare service. We’ve heard that downloads of WiiWare titles are being seeded over torrent avenues, and this feat has been attributed to a circumvention of security over Nintendo’s servers. Get more details at the full story.

WiiWare games cracked? - Image 1 

Hackers apparently grabbed copies of WiiWare games straight from the servers at Nintendo, and the video game titles such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles from Square Enix are now available over peer-to-peer download means.

Games such as Frontier Development‘s LostWinds and several other Japanese WiiWare releases are making their way to PCs illegally, but we have not heard confirmation that these copies actually work.

As of press time, we have no response from Nintendo, so stay tuned for more updates.

Via Go Nintendo

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