WipEout Pulse: North American launch, game details

WipEout Pulse - Image 1The wait is finally over. Gamers in North America can finally pick up a copy of Sony Computer Entertainment’s WipEout Pulse for the PSP. To mark this occasion, the producer of the game Paul Tweedle has put up a post on the official PlayStation Blog which explains some of the game’s key features. For more on this, head on over to the full article.

Sony Computer Entertainment's WipEout Pulse PSP - Image 1 Gamers in North America have been anxiously awaiting the release of Sony Computer Entertainment’s WipEout Pulse.  Paul Tweedle, the producer of the game, has finally given word on the official PlayStation Blog that the game is finally available in the said region.

Tweedle also discussed a few of the improvements they’ve made to the game. He pointed out that the AI has been completely overhauled to make it feel like gamers are actually playing against other humans.

This AI tweak is a pretty good thing considering that this game finally has online multiplayer. Players can now develop their skills offline, then start racing against other players from all around the world. If that’s not enough, Tweedle noted that gamers who pick up this game can expect some downloadable content headed their way very soon.

Those in the market for a fast and furious racing game might want to consider picking up this title since it seems to provide what gamers have been asking for in a racing game.

Via PlayStation Blog

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