World in Conflict Holidays trailer

World in Conflict - Image 1There are a lot of ways to express holiday cheer, and in the case of Sierra Entertainment and Massive Entertainment‘s RTS epic, World in Conflict for the PC and Microsoft Xbox 360, it’s letting a horde of armed soldiers and tanks lay waste to a snow-embanked neighborhood. Check out the Christmas cheer in all its gunpowder-covered mayhem in the full article.

With the holiday season slowly but surely creeping up on us, it’s no surprise that some of this generation’s games have decided to spread the festive cheer – in their own special way. Sierra Entertainment and Massive Entertainment‘s collaboration, World in Conflict for the PC and Microsoft Xbox 360, is one of those games, infecting us with some good old-fashioned holiday fuzziness with its latest video trailer.

Deliciously tongue-in-cheek, World in Conflict trailer shows off the game’s frenetic combat system, wreaking havoc on a snow-laden suburban town. Too bad, though – we were expecting Santa to swoop down, reindeer and all, and deliver a payload of about twenty megatons of nuclear happy. Maybe the guys over at Sierra and Massive can put that little extra in the next World in Conflict patch, eh?

What’s the worst present you can get in your Christmas stocking? Besides coal, I mean?

War! Hoo-ah, war! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. (Say it again!)

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