Xbox Live turns 5 this November 15

Xbox Live celebrates its fifth birthday - Image 1This November 15, a very special member of the Microsoft family will be celebrating its 5th birthday (Er no, not Bill Gates). We mean Xbox Live, which will be turning five with a population of roughly eight million members. Microsoft’s planning to celebrate this occasion with two particular promos, the details of which are available in the full article.

Xbox Live celebrates 5th birthday this November 15 - Image 1This Thursday will prove to be a very special occasion for all eight million Xbox Live members out there, as XBL celebrates its fifth birthday. Microsoft XBL VP John Schappert had this to say regarding the news:

In just five short years, Xbox Live has revolutionized the way friends and family have fun in the living room. On its fifth birthday, Xbox Live truly is the place for hanging out with friends and enjoying downloadable TV shows, movies, videos, game add-ons and now downloadable Xbox games on demand.

In light of this news, Microsoft is announcing that it will have two promos prepared. The first promo the XBL denizens will want to hear is that they can download Xbox Live Arcade‘s Carcassonne title for free. Those signed up under Korea’s hub will instead be picking up Hexic 2. The free downloadable will be effective 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 15, until  11:59 p.m. on Nov. 16. For those who joined Xbox Live since its activation back in 2002, you will also be granted you 500 free MS points.

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