Zoe Mode to develop Konami’s Rock Revolution

Rock Revolution - Image 1This fall looks to deliver another epic clash of the video game bands. Konami is set to join the console skirmishes with its new Rock Revolution, and developer Zoe Mode has been tapped to work on it. A new feature is primed to give the rhythm genre some breaths of freshness, and you can find out what it is by reading the full article after the jump.

electric guitar - Image 1Zoe Mode has announced through a press release that it will be in charge of developing Konami‘s latest rhythm and music game Rock Revolution. The company said that it has plenty in store for fans of the genre who want to see some innovations in the way they jam inside their living rooms.

Zoe Mode assures everyone that it will deliver great times with guitar and drum controllers and a career mode replete with gigs that will mark your rise to fame. The innovation, however, lies in a new feature called the Jam Mode.

Jam Mode allows players to create their own music and record it using up to eight tracks. The process will be made easy for users of all skill levels using tools that will enhance their compositions.

In Rock Revolution, players won’t be restricted to playing songs in one strict way. the new Gig feature will enable players to improvise on their tracks and add their own personal touches. This is certainly good news for people who love to style and profile whenever they get into a groove.

Rock Revolution will be released on the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 this fall. Watch out for yet another epic clash of the video game bands this holiday season.

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