Zombie NDS and Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0 released

Zombie NDS and Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0 released - Image 1Developer RHLS is announcing the release of Zombie NDS and Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0 released, both for the Nintendo DS. The first homebrew’s a treat for the guys who love a good tussle with the undead, while the latter is something other devs might want to check out. Details for both are available in the full article.

Download: Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0

Zombie NDS and Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0 released - Image 1Zombies. Wherever they’re found, plenty of blood-spattered fun is sure to follow. Developer R.H.L. is announcing the release of a ZOMBIE NDS demo, a homebrew game currently under development for for Nintendo’s handheld system. It was compiled using devkitARM r23b and libnds 20071023.

This game is a basically a 2D shooter, where your objective is to survive in a zombie-infested environment. One twist the author adds to this game are adrenaline boosts, which you accumulate with the more zombies you frag.

As soon as your character’s adrenaline level hits a certain peak, you’ll be able to fire off three clips from your gun without having to reload. Just keep in mind that getting hit by an enemy will bring your adrenaline meter down. Your ammo is also limited, though you can pilfer extra clips from any zombies you’ve offed. R.H.L points out that this game is still a work in progress, so you’ll want to be wary of any possible bugs as you play through.

The other project that the developer is releasing is Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0. This homebrew software will allow you to test the DS’ graphical capabilities. Here is a shortlist of some of its features (quoting the developer’s site):

  • Volume shadow (including mini-tutorial)
  • Motion blur with video capture, using only one vram bank
  • Fog
  • Viewport scissoring (thanks to gabebear)
  • Loading text and binary files and converting .tga 24/32bit image data to 16bit nds textures (via GBFS – SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
  • Displaying a custom font text area over a background image
  • Brightness control

As per the R.H.L’s wishes, we won’t be hosting a download for Zombie NDS here – you can find it over at his site. Those interested in downloading Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0 will want to view the readme over at R.H.L.’s site for further details. It’s available at the developer’s site, via the source link below.

Download: Volume Shadow Demo 1.2.0

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