Zyon Games announces Secret Online website launch

Get ready for intense Oriental MMORPG action in Secret Online - Image 1When an MMORPG developer launches a website for an upcoming game, you can bet that the game’s beta testing isn’t that far off. In fact, that’s what Zyon Games has done with the launch of the Secret Online official website. Turn to the full article after the jump and we’ll tell you more about it.

A wallpaper of some of the character classes in Secret Online - Image 1If it’s indeed true that first impressions last, then it’s especially important for companies like Zyon Games to make those impressions count. One way to do so is by launching an official website and announcing it to the public. That’s precisely the case with Secret Online.

The website is reportedly the first official English translation of Secret Online, which is one of the two MMORPGs that Zyon Games and Solid State Networks are collaborating on. The site currently contains various goodies such as videos, screenshots, and game play guides.

Zyon Games is also offering a bonus to potential Secret Online players: The company will give priority to those who register for an account on the site’s forum when beta testers will be selected this Month. Players may access the forum via a link on the website itself.

Zyon Games founder and CEO Steven Wade said that the company will be updating every so often, especially since the developer will be launching Secret Online soon. If you’d like to check out the site, feel free to click on the source link below.

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