Chrono Trigger release date, price revealed?

Chrono Trigger Square Enix - Image 1Those planning to give out copies of Chrono Trigger for the DS as holiday presents may need to be filled in about the following information: the exact release date and price of Chrono Trigger. It looks like online retail store GameStop has this information at hand, but it’s still not clear whether they’re placeholders or not. In any case, do check them out in the full article.

Chrono Trigger Square Enix - Image 1 

It’s previously reported that Square Enix‘s Chrono Trigger for the DS will be having a holiday release, but so far we haven’t got hold of an actual date or pricing…until now. Upon checking online retail store GameStop, Chrono Trigger for the DS is pegged for a December 1 release, with a price tag worth US$ 39.99.

We don’t know about it’s price tag, but the December 1 release date somehow looks like a placeholder. Some sources have said that if the 1st of the month tagged as the game’s release date isn’t on a Tuesday (in this case, December 1 falls on a Monday), it’s probably a placeholder.

But that’s alright – as long as the game ships before the year ends, we’re going to be happy and shedding sentimental tears. We do hope that the US$ 40 is also a placeholder price, though. While we understand that getting the original game would obviously cost more, it’s still a bit steep for what can be considered as a port.

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