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PSP - Image 1Want an improved version of homebrew developer sony_psp_player‘s Coverflow for the Sony PlayStation Portable? Then you’re in luck, as he’s just rolled out a new version fresh from the homebrew oven. It’s still in LUA flavor, but still stable if you want the album covers to be displayed in their full glory while you listen. Check out all the details in the full article.

Download: Coverflow v2
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 Coverflow - Image 1 

For those of us who want just a little bit more style in the way we use our Sony PlayStation Portables as MP3 players, then homebrew developer sony_psp_player‘s handy app, Coverflow, should be just the deal for you. Coded in good ol’ Lua, this ‘brew displays the CD cover of whatever album of the band you’re currently listening to. Let’s check out what’s changed from the last version.

So, what’s new this time around? Well Coverflow is still coded in Lua, but now it’s a bit more improved in this version. Here’s a quote from the release post:

  • It features ID3 support and loading the cover from mp3
  • Pictures are loaded from the covers folder. If there is no picture for the mp3, it’s loaded from the mp3.
  • Music is played at 69 MHz.
  • Music is loaded from ms0:/MUSIC/
  • It has a pause function now.

Homebrew developer sony_psp_player has a few notes to add: the best size of the cover art is 128 by 128 pixels, and that the game itself uses LuaPlayer HM to run. Other than that, things are pretty much looking stable for your MP3 listening (and viewing) pleasure. Enjoy!

Download: Coverflow v2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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